Cosmopolitan Spa : Clean for your health, Calm for your mood


At Cosmopolitan spa we are committed to providing men and women with a relaxing atmosphere and luxurious services. Customers become regular clients when they discover our affordable pampering at Cosmopolitan Spa. Find personal satisfaction and ease with our flexible hours, and convenient appointment booking by phone or email. Come visit us for a quick manicure, or book one of our spa packages after work or before that special occasion.


Our staff at Cosmopolitan spa selects top of the line products to provide you with the best quality services. Leave here feeling refreshed and like a whole new you!

Hours of operation

Sunday: closed

Monday: closed

Tuesday 9:30-5:30

Wednesday: 9:30-8:00

Thursday: 9:30-8:00

Friday 9:30-8:00


*Please note, we are open by appointment only after 5:30